July 15, 2022

Why so many people don't resort to printing their family photo's in 2023 is beyond me!  It's like they assume their memories are safest locked away on their devices.  But in reality it just makes so much sense to have these memories printed onto something tangible like canvas that you can hold and display literally forever.  Nothing beats the feeling of holding a stretched canvas in your hands! 

happy child


A Childs Healthy Development

There are many good reasons to have your photos printed by a trusted printer such as Anything on Canvas.  Seeing photos of your loved ones regularly elevates your mood and brightens your living space.  In fact, studies have been conducted which show that a child's self esteem is actually enhanced when they see their own photos garnishing the walls of their home.  And stay up to date as your child grows.  As parents we have a responsibility to print photos of our children and grand-children so these memories may be passed down.  

Printing Photos As Insurance

Not only that, when you keep your photos on your electronic devices you run the risk of losing them forever in the event of a malfunction or hard drive crash.  Believe me it happens!  So think of printing your photos as a type of insurance in the case of loss.  

I hope you've been persuaded to print even just a few of your most precious moments.  Reach out to us here if you'd like our recommendations or advice on printing your photos onto one of our mediums like canvas, metal, acrylic, paper or peel & stick material.  


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