July 16, 2022

If you’ve recently ordered yourself a brand new canvas print and are wondering what is the best way to go about hanging it? You’re not alone! There are actually so many ways to hang a print but we’ll go over what we consider to be the best method. 

hanging a picture on drywall

All of our canvas prints are designed to hang easily on either one or two finishing nails lightly hammered into drywall. 

Sawtooth hangar on canvas

Our prints come with one or two sawtooth style hangers, depending on the size of the print. We have found that sawtooth hangars are the easiest and provide the best look once positioned on the wall. This is because it actually allows the print to sit flat on the wall surface rather than leaning away as with using wire.

Crooked Canvases

crooked canvas

Are you tired of having to reposition and level your artwork on a weekly basis? Whether you live on an active fault line or just have the occasional large vehicle speed past your home this is something most people can say they’ve had to deal with from time to time. We’ve learned that installing rubber bumpers on the bottom of the picture helps tremendously by reducing the need to straighten it. This is why we include clear rubber bumpers on all of our canvas prints.


Tools you’ll need: 

  • a hammer
  • one or two finishing nails (easily found at a hardware store, or in the bottom of your misc drawer in the garage)
  • a level


If hanging a heavier picture such as an acrylic face mount you will want to consider using an anchor system such as this easily purchased from your local hardware store:

drywall anchor

Did we miss anything? If you think you know of any other tips or tricks when hanging your art reach out and let us know. Sharing is caring!

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