August 24, 2022

Canvas Wall Arts

You may have moved into a new office and are unsure about the ways to decorate the space without going over the top and making the place look unprofessional.  If this is a dilemma you face, adding canvas wall art is an ideal solution.  This is a trendy way to incorporate personality, style and class into your workplace.  You can find canvas wall art that gives your space a good first impression, evoking what your business is defined by.  This is why choosing the right appropriate canvas art is crucial, as it needs to resonate with the purpose of that space.

Let's dive in.

1. Wall Photography

Dedicate a space on your wall for your own photographs to create a gallery. This idea can work well, especially if you know how to take good pictures. Your talent in photography does not need to go unnoticed; you can make your office feel more personable with photographs taken whilst on trips, getaways, or simply on walks in your local town. This can make your office feel less stressful, adding a hint of calmness and familiarity to your environment.

2. Inspiring Quotes

What better to put on a wall with people in potentially stressful environments than quotes to keep them motivated and driven? There are many creative ways to put upwall signs, such as inscribing quotes onto wood, or simply hanging up a frame. Along with motivational quotes, you can choose to put up some fun, laid-back slogans too.

"Fun Office Rules", "Make Money", "You Can Learn Something", and "Achieve Greatness" are some ideas for phrases you can use.

3. Minimalist Wall Arts

Simplicity and minimalism are incredibly effective in office spaces. You never want your professional area to look cluttered and non-maneuverable. It needs to feel welcoming for you, your coworkers and your clients. This is why installing minimalistic canvas art is a great idea for maintaining a modern style.

4. Abstract Wall Arts

Abstract canvas wall arts are one of the many ways to attain a relaxing work environment. You want your employees to feel comfortable working; an abstract painting on a wall can provide that sense of peacefulness that will ensure they work well in the long term. Try and find an abstract painting that manages to create this feeling of calm.

5. Patterned Design

One of the most suggested ideas from interior designers is putting up your nation’s flag on the wall. This can create a sense of appreciation of the culture among your workers, as well as creating an impactful feeling of trust and acknowledgment with your customers.

Alternatively, floral designs can be a lovely canvas wall art option. Designs inspired by floral patterns are timeless and fascinating. Most of the time, they capture a viewer's attention, making it easier for them to appreciate nature. There are many patterned options to choose from as well as floral designs, including silhouettes and cityscapes.

6. The World Map

Another sophisticated, classy yet simple idea is putting up a print of a world map. A map of the world can make for an attractive wall design with its irregular, instantly recognizable and spontaneous pattern. An even more ambitious approach is to cover an entire wall with a silhouetted version of a world map. This black design can look stunning and simplistic, easily blending into the background as simple canvas wall art.

There are many ideas to choose from when decorating your professional space with wall art. Wall photography is one of the most  common ones, since it does not require you to buy or make artwork, just simply put up existing photographs. Motivational quotes can be a great way to uplift employees in a work environment. Minimalist, abstract and patterned artwork are incredibly versatile and can easily fit into a range of professional spaces. We hope this article helped provide you with enough canvas wall art ideas for your professional space. Thank you for reading!


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