Peel & Stick Posters


Our Peel & Stick wall posters are made from a revolutionary linen-based material. Unlike traditional vinyl stickers that can leave unsightly bubbles when applied to a surface, leave a sticky mess when removed, or become permanently creased – our custom wall posters are much easier to work with. In fact, you can’t mess them up! Even if you accidentally stick the poster to itself, it will easily pull apart without causing any damage to the product. Even better, our Peel & Stick wall posters can be reapplied to surfaces as many times as you want  and are guaranteed to never harm the paint on your wall. And, because Peel & Sticks are made from fabric, creases will smooth right when the wall decals are applied to the wall.

The ultimate in repositionable signage, our custom peel & stick wall posters are a great option for in-store graphics, bedroom walls and office decor. Install and when you're ready to change things up, just peel your fabric posters off the wall and stick them elsewhere or store them for future use.


Peel & Stick Prices:


 8x12 $8
9x12 $9
12x16 $15
12x18 $17
15x20 $23
16x24 $30
18x24 $33
20x30 $45
24x36 $65
27x36 $73
30x40 $91
28x42 $89
32x48 $110
36x54 $140
40x60 $183
*Custom sizes & prices available during upload/order process.


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