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Acrylic face mounts

If you want your images to stand out from the rest, this medium is for you! Professional photographers have turned to acrylic to display their works and if you ever have a chance to see one it quickly becomes clear why!  

Our acrylic face mounts are first printed onto a premium photo paper, then using a cold mounting technique we apply a double sided optically clear adhesive. The next and most difficult step involves face mounting of the image to the acrylic. This is the most critical step as the slightest spec of dust will show up if not done with extreme care.  For this reason, many shops simply don't offer this service however, we are excited to because we know the "wow" factor will be well worth it!  

Finishing Options:

1/8" Acrylic with Sintra or Dibond backer

1/4" Acrylic with paper back finish or 3mil Sintra backer

 * Sintra is a light weight PVC material (3mm thick).
 * DiBond is a more rigid light weight alternative to Sintra, made of aluminum composite material (3mm thick).

Ordering process:

1. Upload your image and select a size / crop. 

2. Select Acrylic Facemount

3. Select Finish Option.


Acrylic Print Prices(3:2 Digital SLR ratio):

1/8" Acrylic Sintra Backer

1/8" Acrylic DiBond Backer

1/4" Acrylic Paper Backer

1/4" Acrylic Sintra Backer



$92 $92 $101



$138 $138 $152



$213 $213 $232



$316 $316 $325



$375 $375 $386



$489 $489 $503

*Note that currently we are not offering custom sizes other than the standard sizes listed above.  


* Please note that acrylic face mounts are inherently difficult to produce perfectly. For large pieces, there are challenges of keeping the work dust and lint free, but the utmost care is taken to give the client the best possible presentation and a price that matches the final product and its overall effect. 

Important*  Cleaning instructions - Do Not Use any Ammonia based cleaners on your acrylic print.  Only use a micro fibre cloth and a small amount of soap and water if needed.  

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