July 10, 2019

5 Fitting Decors to Occupy Small Wall Spaces in Your Apartment


Trying your best to decorate a small home -- especially your rented apartment -- makes it clear that your choices are limited. You can't do much about instant renovations to a space you don't own, but there are ways you can make your place more homey. And that's to find fitting decors that would effectively occupy small and empty wall spaces in your apartment.

 It might be an afterthought for some, but empty walls in your apartment actually present a plethora of interior designing possibilities that you could accomplish all by yourself. Plus, it doesn't hurt to have a homey and stylish interior space either.

Whatever your tastes are, you can incorporate several tricks and techniques that experts swear by to bring out the best in the space that you've been given.

Ready? Let's take a look at these wall decorating ideas for inspiration on what you should do with your empty spaces.


#1 The Convenience of Fabrics





Renting out for a home to live in means you're either staying in that place for long or for short times only. This is where a tapestry comes in. Another great thing about this is that it's easier to move textiles and tapestries rather than framed artwork when you're moving from one home to the next.

A tapestry that features a picture in full color or in patterns can add more personality and a softer feel to the given space.


#2 Mirrors and their Capabilities




Aside from being useful for a lot of good reasons, mirrors brighten up a room as they reflect natural and artificial light. The added bonus is that it make small spaces appear bigger. Take the full-length mirrors in dance studios, for instance. It certainly makes the room appear even more spacious than it already is.

 You can make do with oversized mirrors, or display several smaller mirrors together -- like what you would find in a salon.


 #3 Invest in Large Canvas Art or Framed Wall Decor 


You're not just limited to these two. You can have large photographs framed and hung over the empty wall space. It demands even more attention when you place it over the most notable piece of furniture in the room. It becomes the focal point, and it's going to call for your visitors' attention -- including yours.

You can go for black-and-white photos in minimalist areas, or if you're a fan of color, go for abstract or really artsy pieces that add a splash of vibrancy.


 #4 Mural Magic



You can convert an entire wall space into something mesmerizing. And if you find someone capable, you can even turn it into mind-blowing 3D art that's just a huge 'wow' addition to your room.


#5 Canvas Wall Galleries 


 Nothing quite adds a touch of personality like the intricate arrangement that you can come up with a carefully arranged canvas gallery wall. Frames placed next to each other in different yet aesthetically pleasing orders, this the perfect chance flaunt your collection of canvas art, family and personal photographs, wall hangings or wall sculptures.


 Don’t Ignore Your Walls

Don't treat your wall decor like it's an afterthought. It's your room's finishing element that pulls everything all together and completes the look entirely. The secret to the perfect wall art as a focal point?

Choose art pieces that fit your wall space and complement your interior design simply.


Alison Brown is the brains behind panelwallart.com -- one of the world's biggest creators and manufacturers of high-quality canvas art prints. She manages a team of highly creative professionals, designers, and skillful artists. Aside from writing about fine art, she's also really into improving home decor, and Star Wars.

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