February 26, 2017

Photographing your art as an alternative to scanning

If your artwork is larger than most scanner beds which usually accomodate 11x17 or smaller, then consider having it photographed.  If done properly the results can be exceptional.  

Here are some tips...

  • Use a good quality dslr camera and shoot in RAW format if possible.
  • Make sure your ISO is set to its lowest setting. (A higher ISO setting will produce a grainy image).
  • Be sure to adjust the white balance on your camera to save time in post editing. This prevents from different color casts ruining your image. Also, always make sure your background is free from colorful items that may alter your final image by reflecting colors onto it.
  • Always use a sturdy tripod.This is the best way to ensure your image is crisp and in focus.
  • Avoid using auto focus. If possible manually adjust focus.
  • Positioning your artwork in a way that avoids shadows.   Fill your camera frame with your artwork.  
  • Lighting has a huge impact on your final image. Always use bright, natural lighting that is not directly shined. Over cast daylight is ideal, or if indoors use natural light fluorescent bulbs. If possible be sure to avoid mixing light sources, as each light source gives off different color casts.
  • Do not use a flash!
  • Using a timer is helpfulto reduce camera shake that may occur from pressing the button.

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