September 29, 2022

There are many different, marvellous ways in which you can decorate your house to leave people visiting in awe, with countless indoor furniture and decoration options available. Wall decorations are a big part of making your house look homely, as they can help you fill your walls with precious pictures and memories. However, a lot of interior decorations cannot be used outside. Luckily, an excellent option for outdoor home decorations is metal prints.

 Adigital sign is an option for outdoor displays, but digital signs are more commonly used in public spaces and can be a bit costly. Metal prints allow you to display beautiful pictures outdoors that can draw the eye. We will look at what a metal print is, and interesting decorative ways in which you can use them outdoors.


What are metal prints, and what makes them good?

A metal print is similar to a picture on a canvas, the only difference being that the material printed on top of is aluminium. Metal panels are used for these prints, and any image can be used in this process to give you your perfect final design. Your desired picture being printed allows you to have anything you like on your aluminum panel.


Why use metal prints

There are many different advantages a metal panel has over a traditional painting or picture. These include:



Because metal prints use aluminium instead of materials like fabric or wood, one of the biggest advantages of this is the durability and longevity, as metal is far stronger than the alternatives. This is perfect for outdoor settings, as harsh weathering will not ruin your print. Even after a decade, a metal print will look as good as new if hung on your wall.


Perfect if you have kids

If you are a parent of young kids, you know how dangerous it can be to keep fragile decorations and pictures at home. Metal prints are an ideal solution for this, as they allow you to have a piece of art that is scratch resistant and very hard to damage. Compared to a regular photo frame, a metal print will not break from falling and not get ruined by marks or writing on its surface.


Frameless metal finish

Just because a metal print is durable doesn't mean it can't look very stylish. The metal panel gives a very slick, vibrant finish to any picture, naturally allowing the colours in your print to stand out. The print being frameless makes the whole metal panel feel more contemporary. The metal panel also allows you to have a glossy finish. 

Personalized picture

One of the most popular picture ideas is to have prints of your own holidays or days out on the metal panels. It could be your family, kids, or anyone special to you; personalized pictures can be fantastic for treasuring memories.


Colour matching your setting

Whenever you want to hang a metal print, ensure it goes well with the colour of your walls and overall room. You can contrast the picture and the wall allowing for both of them to look complementary to one another.  Because a metal print doesn't have a frame, the image has to match the setting of your room or outdoor space.

 Eye-catching images

Images of natural beauty or famous landmarks are some of the most common prints you find on top of metal panels. Try and aim for images that draw attention to themselves but don't take over the whole space. For example, a print of a green forest with a waterfall can go great in a lawn space, as it perfectly accompanies the setting.



Other uses for metal prints

Outside of using them in your home, metal prints can be used in many different places and settings. Having metal prints in public places like restaurants and cafes allow you to create the theme and ambience you like. Metal prints are very versatile, making them perfect decoration for any place.

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