November 29, 2014


Jul 26, 2016

Aqueous Metal Prints vs. Dye sublimation Metal Prints

Our revolutionary new aqueous metal prints are more resolute than the popular dye sub prints. The benefit to direct printing onto the aluminum means that each ink dot will be laid directly onto the metal creating high resolution prints, oposed to dye sublimation where the ink is laid onto the transfer paper first, then heat pressed to the metal causing the ink to transform into a gas before finally transmitting the image onto the metal.  This also means more consistency from screen to print. 

Fine Art Quality

These direct to metal prints also fall into the category of being allowed to be called a "fine art" product, whereas dye sub never could do to their lack of color control and consistency and lack of archival qualities. Dye inks have been noted to have a short display life of only 10 years. When placed under 400 degrees the dye sub transfer process drastically affects the final color and many have complained of a slight green cast noticeable in the end product. 

Pigment inks vs. Dye inks

As mentioned above, dye based ink has terrible print permanence ratings when compared to a pigment based ink and begins to fade within even a few years depending on how they're displayed. Pigmented ink is far superior in terms of archivability and light fastness with extensive testing being done by respected research firms. 


For more information on the archivability and light fade testing mentioned above follow these links:

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